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When You Left

Posted on Oct 17, 2020 by in Poetry | 0 comments

When You Left

Can a poem about someone leaving be a poem of celebration? Of course it can!

When You Left

When you left to leave me you said no
There’s no hiding place
When you leave to leave me you promised no
Never gonna forget when
When you left at all
When you left at all
When you left when you left me
It’s just too bad
That I can’t forget
My beautiful sixteen
I came home
And the car that I used to ride
Told myself time went on
And the thought of you
Guitars playing music
Is just too much
So why was I feeling so alone?
Comes the day, the day went on
And my life was one long love
But I shouldn’t have
Feeling this good
Isn’t it too much
To feel the way that we feel?
The way that life goes crazy

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