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Types of Photography

Photography on Desk

The world of photography is immense and varied. Many different types of photography have emerged over the years, each with its own “rules” and best examples. This guide provides a brief overview of all the major genres of photography. If you love photos, take a look. You might find something new and surprising.

  • Aerial Photography
    Aerial photography often presents some awe-inspiring views. Just as the name suggests, aerial photography is all about taking pictures from well above the ground, and there are numerous applications from them, going from tourism to art and research. Aerial photography is not only a great way to capture amazing pictures, but it is one of the most relevant techniques used to discover, map, and interpret the world. Aerial photography has been around for a very long time, but recent advances in drone technology have driven significant new interest in the genre.
  • Architectural Photography
    Architectural photography involves taking pictures of buildings or other man-made structures that are aesthetically pleasing. Buildings have been valued highly as subjects of photography throughout the history of photography. Architectural photography evolved as much as the designs of buildings changed and broke with traditional models. Later in the 20th century, knowledge of architectural photography increased, and itself turned out to be more creative as photographers started using bold shadows and diagonal lines in their compositions, and experimented with new methods.
  • Candid Photography
    Candid photography is photography that focuses on spontaneity rather than technology. Subjects are generally not sitting for a pose and the shots are not planned.
  • Documentary Photography
    Documentary photography is a form of visual storytelling and usually documents events or people’s lives and challenges. The genre is known for its objective representation of places, people, events and objects over time. It captures public attention on pressing social human rights issues. In modern society, this form of photography has the power to highlight stories to help bring about social change.
  • Fashion Photography
    Fashion photography got its start much earlier than people may realize–with photographers using photos to showcase the latest fashion trends as early as the 1860’s. But fashion photography as we know it really came into its own in the mid-twentieth century with the rise of glossy magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazzar. Today, fashion photography is a massive industry with renowned photographers from the past and contemporary masters pushing the envelope.
  • Fine Art Photography
    Photographs can run the gamut from simple candid snapshot to true works of fine art. Some notable photographers have emerged in the past century and they have elevated the craft and vision of photography to some of its highest levels.
  • Food Photography
  • Landscape Photography
    If you have been to the top of a mountain, then perhaps you understand the crazy feeling derived from looking down the undulating landscape, rivers disappearing in bends and gorges, and so on and so forth. These are fascinating memories that you need to keep not only in your mind but somewhere permanent (in print or digital form) for future reference. If you do this using your camera, then welcome to the genre of landscape photography.
  • Long Exposure Photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Portrait Photography
  • Selfie Photography
  • Sports Photography
  • Street Photography
  • War Photography
  • Wildlife Photography