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The Beauty of Game Art

Posted on Aug 26, 2014 by in Commentary |

Video Game Art

Video game art is a constantly evolving arena. Since the early days of 8-bit arcade games where pixelated graphics dominated the form, the field has exploded into photorealism, incredible 3D imagery, and the intense capabilities of computer-generated imagery. There is almost no end to the possibilities for an aspiring artist working in the realm of video games.

Video game art has even gained recognition in traditional venues. The Phoenix Art museum held an exhibition celebrating 40 years of video game art in the summer of 2013.

Note that video games don’t have to have impressive 3D CGI models to be considered art. Sometimes the simplest presentations have incredible beauty. Take the wonderful and whimsical 2D styling of the popular children’s game, Poptropica, for example.

Poptropica Art

The simple two-dimensional look of Poptropica is an art in and of itself. source: