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Posted on Dec 20, 2015 by in Commentary |

The Bose QuietComfort 15s are pretty popular within my workplace (open office layout). I have a pair and love them.


As stated above, noise cancelling earphones simply operate for continuous noise like hum or buzzing. For office yak, you need sound-isolating earphones. These block out sound significantly a lot better than noise cancelling earphones. They’re basically ear plugs that doubles up as headphones as well as remain in side your ear canal. The sound from headphone plays an additional function in attenuating the sound that comes through the plugs. Currently the best sound-isolators out there is the Etymotic HF5 or ER4P which obstructs up to 42dB of noise. I have had folks shouted at me on and I ‘d no idea they were there. The sound quality is also sublime. They’ve been frequently compared to electrostatic headphones that costs several thousand dollars, and definitely outclasses the Bose in every way.

Should you goal would be to remove droning sounds and low hum such as on an airplane, noise cancelling headphones are great. But if it’s folks talking as well as other non-persistent (transient) sound, attempt closed-back sound-isolation cans, including the Direct Sound EX-29.

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Noise cancelling headphones make an inverse waveform sample the surrounding noise and feed it to the speakers in phase with the external noise. This procedure functions best when the sound is consistent and steady, like say the roar of a jet engine. Transient noise, like someone saying “hello” is not blocked as well. Unfortunately, many folks make and snurffle gasping noises while they snore. It’s not likely that noise cancelling earphones would have much impact on those sounds since they are transient. In case the individual is employing a CPAP, that may be cancelled out.

Bose advertising purposefully keeps their prices at a specific degree. It is quite uncommon that their products go on sale. If you wait and see you could get a reduction that is little but it does not occur quite frequently. Some things in life are worth the excess nickel. If you really want the cans you must only go ahead and purchase them.