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I Must Confess

Posted on Oct 9, 2020 by in Poetry |

Praying Hands

You think that I’m just a fool for trying to play around
But it’s not enough
‘Cause you’ve got to feel that way too
Cause I don’t want to be a fool anymore
I’m your princess and you are my love
And just when you were waiting
The lonely night was ending
You walked up with your big fan
You’re the best thing that ever happened
And the nights are still and ever changing
And you look at me with that smile
Surreal and fit with my head in the gutter
You’re the one that could never be but I would do anything for you
I must confess
I was lonely
I must of sounded strange
But I know what I feel
Surreal and in my dreams
I feel you walking away
Your smile is haunting me