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Yoga Sketch – Meditation on Green

Posted on Apr 9, 2014 by in Illustrations |

Meditation on Green

There are different types of Meditation that are practiced – Chakra Meditation, Aura Meditation, Mantra Meditation etc. Meditation practiced by effortlessly focusing in the seven chakras (power centers) in our physique is known as the Chakra Meditation. Aura Meditation however cleanses and enlarges the Aura. Mantra Meditation is carried out utilizing the Mantra acquired from one’s religious Guru. These are intrinsically the same and lead us to the supreme purpose of liberation, although meditations may seem distinct! It’s absolutely important to understand meditation from a religious Master as he is the only one who is able to lead us according to our requirements.

Westerners often connect the practice of yoga using the physical regimen of respiration, stretches and poses, often called hatha or astanga yoga. As it assists bring the professional closer to the true and supreme goal of yoga: labor organization together with the Supreme meditation, specifically mantra meditation, is an integral part of the yogic tradition.

The process of mantra meditation is fairly straightforward. The yogi repeats it softly to him or herself and focuses his attention to the sound of the mantra, or sings and chants it loudly with others. Whenever the head wanders, attention is introduced back to the sound of the mantra. In time, with practice, the practitioner is much better able to focus your brain on the transcendental sound and the head has less of an inclination to ramble. To get started, perhaps you begin with a sun salutation, best performed in the early morning.

The aim of mantra meditation involves a fascinating philosophy. To begin with, it’s believed the names of God have a purifying result to the consciousness. The human anatomy is viewed as a momentary, material container, placing the spirit soul (one’s authentic essence) and surrounded by a delicate material body, or your head. The regular hearing and chanting of mantras is noticed to simply help clear away the confusion and misery due to identifying oneself with one’s body and mind.

Mantra meditation is consequently a crucial feature of the process of self realization. The more we progress in the route of yoga, the more peaceful, blissful and warm we become. This is religious life.