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Fitness Stories

Posted on Sep 5, 2014 by in Illustrations |

Random stories of good and bad times at the gym, inspired by submissions to Reddit.

Went swimming and I made the decision to dry off by my locker and this nude man kept walking by and looking at me(I’m 24 and he seemed considerably older) so I was a bit creeped out but dismissed for the most part to him. Subsequently the naked dude simply keeps pacing nude by my locker at which I am not likely to transform while this nude guy only keeps walking by me staring. I simply sat there with my towel for awhile afterward the naked dude come up to me says “hey guy I do not want to be weird but that’s my locker right there”. I understood the naked dude got from the shower and I was blocking his clothes and he was staring at his locker….good times.

I have not reach the gym and have been super busy with work and family being in town.

I go into a health club that is fairly little and we are a tight knit group. The owner phoned me to check in with me because he understands I have had medical problems before and am fanatic about becoming within my days.

It is fine to have folks give a shit, but I wish the owner did not call on my day off and wake me up at 7:30am.

There was a man at my gym who is whole face was covered in tats deadlifting 450 for sets this morning.
So that was striking/terrifying.

Had an extremely positive encounter. Was actually fighting on deadlifts. Played in a softball tournament and I was only extremely sweaty. Preceding PR was 305. Yesterday I could not hold onto 295. My grasp is not strong and the perspiration had not been helping at all. 295 fell out of my hands.
A fairly healthy man began doing deadlifts right and I believe he found i was fighting. Guy offered me some chalk, which I have never attempted before. Wow. What a life changer. Hit 305 3 times, 315 two times and 325 for a fresh PR.

Man in his 60s that does not even look like he lifts had a miniature photo shoot in the fitness center, I asked him what he was doing, he said he was shooting pics for on-line relationship websites

Well I was “that man” The weights never get put away at my health club, so it’s like a scavenger hunt occasionally. A man gets up leaving the dumbbells on the ground and is doing seated curls. So for some reason I go ” Hey torment your weights!” I’ve my headset on, although so for turns and says something. So he begins walking away and turns. Therefore I go “Hey, put them back” He then tells me “I’m getting some water.” I felt like an entire tool. I apologized and he was not mercifully warm about it

I was beginning weightlifting in a high school Weightlifting course. I wished to do squats, but had poor type so the smith machine attempted. I threw 10 pounds on each side and… ugh. I place clamps on. On the smith machine.
It was the first day, so no one but the teacher had any fucking clue what was going on, and so I doubt anyone found… but in hindsight, that was by far the most idiotic thing I’ve ever done (and hopefully will ever do) in the fitness center.

Saw a middleaged routine curling. The ez curl bars and the barbell that was fixed with the weight seemed the squat rack have been free for some time and like they were taken. As soon as I asked him how many sets he’d left, he let me have the squat rack he said he will simply await the ez curl bar and completed his set. With seeing someone curling first encounter was nothing spectacular and actually ordinary like it is generally made by individuals out.