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Feel It

Posted on Oct 4, 2020 by in Poetry |

Girl in Blue at the Beach

And here we are looking back at where we are
And how that might’ve been
When you walked in
And you knew he was gone
And you knew I still remember
And you knew I was crying
All alone forever
But now you’re gone
And the night’s heading home
And you’re all head in the sand
Can you feel it
(Feel it)
Look what you’ve done
(What you should’ve done)
Don’t want another memory
Don’t want another castaway
Don’t want another liar
Don’t want another soldier
How can somebody lie so well
Oh, it’s getting dark on me
(How dark on me)
So everything I do is just so still
(Now it’s getting dark on me)
I’ve been playing around.

…and one more poem, To Slip Away. Think of it as a little extra bonus.

To Slip Away

I’d like to dream of love
And all those nights in your arms
I’ve been waiting for a long gone girl
To slip away
For me to love you like free
What can I do?
To let you know she’s there
And what she’ll do
If he don’t care
I can feel the magic
Of her smile
So let your heart go a long way
When you see her there
I’d like to dream of love
I’d like to dream of love
I’d like to dream of love
I see your face tonight
I feel your hand on mine
It’s gentle, it is teasing
But it’s not bitter or bitter
I would never hurt or even try to hurt you
If it wasn’t for your love
If I didn’t feel like crying

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Writing poetry outdoors
Writing poetry outdoors

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