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Where Do Good Ideas Come From?

Posted on Oct 14, 2020 by in Commentary |

Thinking of good ideas

Good ideas come from dreams and observations. Sometimes the best ideas have deep roots, stemming from many different places in a person’s life.

The idea grows through observation, but when it is time to create something new, we need an idea that leads us to what we are observing. It is then that our dreams help us think of something special.

The creative process is like a river. The river flows from the past into the present in order to flow into the future, and as it does so it brings up ideas that are created through observation.

In order to create a good idea in the present, we need an idea that flows from our past dreams and observations into what we are observing now. Then, it is time for us to think of something amazing.

A dream of a swirl

Sometimes our dreams are not as interesting, but we must remember that observing the world is just as important. The best ideas come from both observation and dream.

The most interesting ideas come from dreams and observation, but we must always remember that the past is just as important. Dreams help you to think of what you want, but also what you need.

Sometimes we take our dreams too seriously and forget that they are just a part of the creative process.