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The Limerick King

Posted on Oct 5, 2020 by in Poetry |

Ireland Coastline

The Limerick King wandered forth.
You can’t be sure
But I ain’t looking for no trouble
You ain’t looking for
No trouble in the bank or in the New York stock exchange
You’ll only end up in high school
With people talkin’ ’bout you
Who are you?
He held his rhymes up high
It’s not the way
Taking it right off your head
Just some friends
They’re really jealous
Of all the smiles they got
’cause they know you
Lookin’ at all the smiles

The Limerick King is not itself a limerick, but rather it celebrates the limerick form and style.

Ireland - Green Forest
The green forests of Ireland provide the perfect inspiration for limericks.

The history of limericks is rich in tradition. Limericks have been used for hundreds of years for many reasons and it can be very enjoyable and interesting if you take the time to learn the basics. Even if you are not interested in learning the history of limericks, it’ll be interesting to find out more about the excellent songs that are written with this language. With a bit of work and time you will see the links which are all around you. Once you find out a few of the most well-known tunes from the history of limericks, you can start to write your own.

One of the first known stories of limericks is the story of Noah and the rainbow. Noah made his way out to the ocean on a boat. He also saw an opening at the sky and if he got there he had been in awe of that which was beyond the waters. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He seemed in a sea monster and was amazed. After viewing the creature, Noah was reluctant to venture out again and again so he went back into the boat and sat down inside.

As the ship began to sink, Noah requested Bodden to tell him about the place where the rainbow began. Bodden told him when Noah returned to the boat he told the people it was a gate to heaven. Eventually the people became conscious of the gate and they started it. Noah was able to enter the land of Oz through it. The story of limericks takes this legend and adds to it with the story of Noah and the rainbow.

Christians have always considered it a blessing to learn about the background of limericks. Most Christians don’t even know that there are a number of books out there about this fascinating language. They believe that all the literature from the Bible was written by man. You do not need to wait till you get older before you understand about the wonderful history of limericks. You can pick up a book or magazine or internet class and get started learning about this particular language. There are some applications which you can attend where you know a new word each week.

Among the most intriguing things to find out about this speech is that the history of limericks with every one of the creatures. The critters that limericks have been made to rhyme about are a large collection of animals such as lions, tigers, elephants, wolves, elephants, giraffes, hippos, whales, leopards, zebras, horses, donkeys, mongooses, ostriches and so forth. These animals have all played a role in the invention of limericks. Oftentimes, these animals may also act as part of the story behind the poem. For instance, if you look at the poem about Noah and the rainbow, the dinosaurs are there because a warning.

There are also many schools that offer poetry lessons in limericks and you can take these lessons as a way to help your child improve their language and pronunciation. This can be carried out in the kind of a poem, a rhyme book or a graph of rhyming words.

Writing poetry lessons in limericks should never be difficult for your little one. All it requires is a bit of practice. Do not forget to keep a listing of all your classes for your child so that they can examine it within the future learning. Reading poetry may be an excellent way to get children interested in learning the language. If they like reading it, they’re more likely to continue the lessons.