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Someone To Help Me Out

Posted on Nov 13, 2020 by in Poetry |

Accepting a Helping Hand

It’s just what I needed
I found somebody to help me out
Someone to help me out
I need some comfort
Yes, I do
So I can feel all right
I want the world to know
I need some room to move ahead
To turn this into my own little demon
I wanted some fun
To play the game I loved
I got tired of running
The danger of too much information
Everybody knows that too much danger
Everybody knows that when you feel it
We could have some fun
If we just keep trying
Cause too much information
Can lead to a bad situation
When a whisper is just as much fun
If you want it.

“A whisper is just as much fun” – I think whispers are the most fun thing you can hear, especially when they come from the right person.