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One Broken Bottle of Beer

Posted on Oct 12, 2020 by in Poetry |

Broken Bottle of Beer

I’m always in the early game but then you turn around and start to fall down
Don’t count the miles between you and your baby
Don’t count the red lights crossing the road
The world’s gone from blue
Don’t count the candles on your window ledge
Don’t count the money that you handed out
Don’t count the likes that never came
Don’t count the drops of blood on the floor
One broken bottle of beer
And the memory of the first time you smiled
I know nothing moves on without you
But I see your face every time you walk across the stage.
I’m never alone in this cemetery
The lonely nights just seem to last and I don’t recall
Where you been lately? I don’t recall
But I’d rather say than memorize
The ship is in sails, the sails on hips.