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Life Is Slowly Dying

Posted on Oct 28, 2020 by in Poetry |

Life is Slowly Dying

And to me there is
One that I can believe in
One that I could live inside
I can believe in
This is what love’s all about,
A love that’s true
It’s only when the feeling begins
And is about to die
That I find this week
Life is slowly dying,
And I’ve just begun
To wonder why I was feeling so alone
I was sighing in helpless despair
And after all that I’ve seen
Feels like I’m too afraid to breathe
So afraid to tell my broken dreams away
Life is slowly dying,
And now I know
What it means to me
Life is slowly dying,
I see my life just
Coming down to one near
Lost in the air.

Sad and melancholy poetry is one of my favorite types of poetry.